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Book Coimbatore Hotels Online: Amidst the Cotton City!
20.02.2014 14:09

Are you sick and tired of saving money and not being able to have a comfortable yet luxurious holiday? Would you like to splurge a little and have fun? Then all you need to do is to pack your bags and catch the next flight to Coimbatore! Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu and it’s commonly known as “kovai”. Having major textile, industrial and technology units, Coimbatore serves as a major commercial hub in South India.

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It has a wide variety of hotels ranging from low cost budget hotels to extreme high luxurious hotels. The hotels ensure a convenient and memorable holiday experience in Coimbatore. The “Arcadia” hotel connects Coimbatore city to the airport and serves as the main hub for visitors. The rooms here are centrally air conditioned with individual comforts and designed to offer comforts of home. To have a comfortable and hassle free stay in this city, Book Coimbatore Hotels Online from the list of hotels available online such as Arcadia, Le Meridian, aloft international, comfort hotels etc. This is a perfect place with luxury and at the same time sheer convenience.

A “Body and Soul” club is located and offers free usage of facilities for the guests such as swimming pool, beach clubs, squash, tennis, water sports, gym and breakfast while the children eat free of charge. Book Coimbatore Hotels Online in advance and enjoy your nerve racking stay at Coimbatore and get many added privileges!



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