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Country Inn Jaipur - Feeling of Homeliness
19.05.2014 14:17

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Jaipur, the pink city, is a very famous tourist spot. It caters to the needs of both domestic and international demands. Hotel Country Inn Jaipur is one of the top hotels in Rajasthan, which is fit for visiting. It is a very famous 5-star hotel, which is located near the railway station. The hotel is designed in view of the common masses and international visitors. A person who visits the city for his/her business purpose or for his/her leisure can enjoy his/her stay in this hotel. Its location near many tourist destinations like Amber Fort and Hawa Mahal makes it quite popular. The rooms in this hotel provide convenience to the people spending their time there.


The hotel is designed carefully and is also provided with both basic and luxurious amenities, which suit the needs of the guests. Guests who stay here can use the Wi-Fi system for 24 hours internet access, newspaper, gym, swimming pool, conference hall, and business center. The interiors of the property are designed keeping in mind the traditional and modern architecture. Country Inn offers a variety of rooms such as the Executive Club Room, Deluxe Room, Executive Suite, etc. For the comfort of the guests, it provides access to many spas and lounges. The food and drink facility is one of the best one. Lounge Bar, Spice, Mosaic, Kasbah and Dragon House are the places where people can enjoy the food services. Hotel Country Inn Jaipur is one of the renowned hotels carefully designed to help people staying here receive the feeling of homeliness.


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