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Discover Ancient Temples By Staying In Cozy Agartala Hotels!
18.07.2014 12:32

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The city of Agartala is known for its regal past and evidence of this is seen in its palace compounds and forts. It is also a key religious spot which attracts a lot of pilgrims every year. Important religious places to visit are Bhavatarani Temple, Lakshmi Narayan temple and Durga Bari temple. You can enjoy a wonderful time here by staying in comfortable hotels in Agartala.


Agartala Hotels Treat You to Lavish guest Comforts and Modern Facilities


Book a room at the Ginger Agartala to enjoy a memorable stay during your time in this city. The latest amenities are provided for utmost guest comfort such as air-conditioning, fridge, telephone, safe, attached baths etc. The hotel’s lovely multi cuisines restaurant offers fantastic dishes.  


The sauna here is the perfect means of relaxation and you can try out exercise routines at the gym. This hotel offers the latest facilities for business travelers such as hit-tech conference equipment, LCD projector meeting facilities.


Hotel City Center enchants you with a world of contemporary luxuries. Enjoy a delightful accommodation in rooms that are pleasingly decorated and fitted with latest facilities. You can enjoy mouth-watering Chinese, Indian and Continental dishes in the hang-out multi cuisines restaurant here.


Important guest facilities are business center, daily housekeeping, transport services and 24-hours front desk. This hotel is ideal for business travelers because it has modern business facilities. Its meeting facilities and conference suite enables such activities to be carried out with ease. Enjoy a fantastic time in this regal city by staying in elegant Agartala hotels.


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