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Hotels In Dalhousie: The Nature Queen Sitting On Penta-Hills!
14.04.2014 14:46

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The Royal British life style is always an immeasurable experience one is longing for!  A perfectly planned town Dalhousie is sitting on five hills at the scenic mountain view of Himalayas. Once the retreat of Britishers, it is now an awesome destination for those who aim for a treat for the eyes and peace for soul!  Just imagine life in a place where colonial charm is lingering around with all its architectural marvels, elegant snow-capped mountain-view, varying altitudes wearing the green cover by pine and oaks and what not! Dalhousie is a place where tourism is the life and hotel business is the soul!  Just plan a stay in the luxury hotels in Dalhousie for a breathtaking holiday and ever-lasting memories!   


All it takes for you is a moment to click and book for an awesome experience in the many luxury hotels in Dalhousie, where the echoes of the Raj coated with the British zeal will be a sweet experience!  Differential   accommodation for all budgets is a gift for the tourists. High-end luxurious life style in hotels like Aamod Dalhousie, Hotel Grace Mount takes you to the heights of happiness in the breathtaking valleys of serene snow-capped peaks!


Budget travellers have a spectrum of budget hotels with restaurants offering native recipes at affordable cost besides other services. Some of the budget hotels include Alps Spa Resort, Dalhousie Heights, Himalayan Resort, Hotel Ark, Hotel Ashiana Regency, Hotel Megha View, and so on. Sight- seeing package tours leading to Panj Pulla, Bakrota hills, Dain Kund within 30 Km range making your trip a complete experience  extended by the hotels at affordable billing. Why to wait..?


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