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Marvelous Chennai Green Park Hotel: A Specter Of Beauty!
20.03.2014 11:40

If you are a lover of travelling then there is nothing to stop you from falling in love with the luxurious Chennai Green Park Hotel. In 2011 this hotel was also awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by the Trip Advisor. Situated near N.S.K. Salai, this place is a great treat for the weary travelers looking for a rejuvenating rest. With contemporary and lavish décor this hotel proves time again and again that they are the best even in terms of hospitality.


                                                 Chennai Green Park Hotel | Image Resource:

Wrap yourselves in Contentment in the Superb Chennai Green Park Hotel!

The magnificent Chennai Green Park Hotel is a very modern hotel that promises to enfold the guests with excellent services and facilities. Among the many is the Orchid Thai Spa of this hotel that offers an ayurvedic therapy that includes revitalizing massage. Then there is also the coffee shop, banquet halls, room service, Wi-Fi, gym, pool and many more. To take the guests to a world of appetizing and delicious dishes there are also a number of in-house restaurants.


One of them is the ‘Once Upon A Time’ where you get to dig into Indian, Chinese and even Continental fares. This multi-cuisine restaurant is like manna for the guests who arrive here. The ‘Roast& Grill’ is another of its poolside barbeque place where you can unwind with delicious roasted delights.  The ‘Escape Pub’ is also another place in here where it is said that the fun never ends. On the whole you can have the most fabulous time ever that promises to last a lifetime!


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